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——————江蘇九工裝飾工程有限公司是蘇州、昆山、吳江、張家港、太倉、常熟等地區裝飾裝修名牌公司,是一家立足蘇州面向長三角專為歐、美、日、韓等外企 提供廠房車間裝修、辦公室裝修、環氧地坪施工及隔墻吊頂等裝飾裝修服務的公司。




    九工裝飾公司成立十幾年來, 業績非凡,所承接的各類大中型工程均受到客戶的好評,在蘇州、昆山、吳江、張家港、太倉、常熟等地區裝飾行業贏得了良好的信譽,在業界享有極高的知名度。公司硬件設施配套齊全,辦公環境優雅,體制完善,部門齊全,各崗位人員素質良好,對方案的設計,工程的施工及后期的服務均有一套成熟有效的管理制度和嚴格科學的質量保障體系。







——Jiangsu nine workers decoration engineering co., LTD. Is in suzhou, kunshan, wujiang, zhangjiagang, taicang, changshu, etc decoration brand company, is a based on suzhou facing the Yangtze river delta designed for Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other foreign companies provide workshop epoxy floor level construction decoration, office decoration, and partition wall ceiling decoration services.
    Nine workers in jiangsu decoration engineering co., LTD., founded in 1999, with the registered trademark of nine decoration, more than 15 years of history, with the ministry of construction issued by the national secondary double qualification (design, construction), two brands (nine worker decoration, da xing decoration), AA level enterprise of observing contract, set design, construction, materials, accessories and complete after-sale service for the integration of decoration service providers.
    Nine workers decoration company in suzhou, kunshan, wujiang, zhangjiagang, taicang, changshu regions such as the decoration brand decoration enterprise, the service for more than a decade a number of large and medium-sized enterprises, business scope covers workshop decoration, office decoration, epoxy floor paint, wall of condole top, hotel and commercial space decoration of professional design and excellent construction.
    Nine workers decoration company established for more than a decade, performance is special, have to undertake all kinds of large and medium-sized projects are is well received by the customer, in suzhou, kunshan, wujiang, zhangjiagang, taicang, changshu regions such as the decoration industry won a good reputation, in the industry have high visibility. Company hardware facilities is all ready, elegant office environment, system perfect, complete department, personnel quality is good, each position of scheme design, project construction and later services are a set of mature and effective management system and strict quality assurance system of science.
    Nine workers to decorate people know: makes decoration, quality, service and brand relationship is better than any version of the description, make the customer satisfied quality and good service is the foundation of forming brand.
    Approached nine workers decoration company, you will find that we are using advanced unique design concept, rigorous and pragmatic work style, practical operation procedures, attention to detail construction attitude, the customer wishes into a beautiful reality.
    "Respect for individual character, pursuit of perfection" is our nine workers always the pursuit of the goal.
    "Integrity + quality + service = forever" is our promise to you forever gold nine workers.
    Whether you are arrived at suzhou, kunshan, wujiang, zhangjiagang, taicang, changshu isometric triangle is this piece of land, or may already have a partner, but we have nine workers still warmly welcome you, looking forward to workshop of can provide you with the epoxy floor level construction decoration, office decoration, and partition wall ceiling decoration services, and proud of it, and common development.
蘇州九工裝飾 (Suzhou JiuGong Decoration)
地址:江蘇省蘇州市人民路420號南門商務樓 郵箱(E-mail):[email protected]
Address: No.420,the South Gate,People’s road Suzhou city
昆山九工裝飾 (Kunshan JiuGong Decoration)
地址:昆山市馬鞍山路龍城雅居18號樓17號 郵箱(E-mail):[email protected]
Address: Kunshan City, Ma On Shan Road dragon garden 18 Building No. 17
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